Many work and live to be on top. Those living in poverty often work and live with thoughts of survival in mind. They have no dream to be the best or to achieve greatness. My night prayer is mainly of thanksgiving, thanking God for my family and every significant aspect of my life for that particular day. I have found the secret to effective prayer is to keep it real. Pray with your heart and not your head, God does not get impressed with fancy words, did you know that? keep it simple, but you dont want to hold back from going deep : ).

Extended warranties are usually not worth the price on consumer electronics, but the AppleCare protection plan for the iPhone, which can be purchased anytime within your first year of ownership, is a better risk/reward proposition. For $69, you get a one year extension to the iPhone included one year warranty, covering any defects to the phone, charger, and headphones (sitting on your phone or dropping it in the sink don count). Considering that an iPhone battery which you can replace yourself costs $79 to repair and has been a source of frequent complaints, $69 is a relative bargain.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileAh, Gwyneth Paltrow, she of the praying mantis thin, Calvin Klein shift dress wearing body, famous parentage, sensitive rock star husband and fruit monikered offspring. Try as I might, I just can’t hate her.For starters, Gwyneth can actually be a pretty decent actress when she sets her mind to it. Also, her personal website, GOOP, is fast becoming one of my favourite obsessions.GOOP’s tone is captivating.

Another major issue in the Nike sweatshops was with chemical imbalances that were occurring within the shops. In Vietnam and China the levels of chemicals that cause liver, kidney, and brain damage were at 177 times the legal limit. Approximately 77% of the factory workers in these countries suffered from respiratory issues and claim they were never given adequately protective gear nor provided with the truth about the chemical fumes.

Oy. Always this attitude that actually confronting reality is harmful. No. It eventually could encompass training, a charitable arm and more original content, like the two podcasts Armstrong hosts. He’s more than 18 months into an interview based podcast that has featured an eclectic range of guests, such as Rahm Emanuel, Bo Jackson, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brett Favre and Lyle Lovett. It’s called The Forward, and the symbolism isn’t meant to be subtle..

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